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be(Hold); (2017)

Kinethic sculpture

Behold(); consists of a box of sand as an analog user interface, a "start" and "next" button, a lcd screen, and a see through box that contains a turning sand clock, as an analog representation of a digital screen showing the classic Windows waiting icon. The mechanism involved in BeHold(); was planned out in a way that no matter what way the user interacts with the interface, the consequence will always be time passing (portrayed by the rotating sand clock). The user first reads instructions and reflections about time (displayed in the lcd screen), and then he is given some time to play with the interface (the box of sand in front of him). He is asked to press "next" after hi is done playing with the sand, which activates a new rotation mode for the sand clock, and another set of instructions and reflections on time, and again, some more time to play with the box of sand. This goes on in a infinite and purposeless loop.

Collaboration with Isabella Vento.


Laser cut; physical computing; arduino. 


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