De güat and de jú: América (2018)

Computer-generated poetry

Computer-generated poetry that explores the idea of "America", specifically the semantics involved in the use of the word "America" –to refer to a country instead of a continent–, to question its status and explore its political and social consequences.


De güat and de jú: América was generated thought the use of technology as a non-bias agent that can –supposedly– give out an objective definition of the word "America".


The computational process was the following:

1) Use Google search engine to ask questions about "America".

2) Use Google and Instagram image search for the keyword "America" and hashtags associated with the word..

3) Run the images result thought a machine learning  model that turnes images into text.

4) Randomize the google questions and the response from the machine learning software image to text model into a Q&A style text. 

5) Translate the final text into a cross-linguistic version of english that can be read and spoken by spanish speakers.  


computer-generated poetry; machine learning; python; google search: instagram; hashtag: image to text.