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Emoji-Me (2018)

Interactive Mirror

With the emoji phenomenon, communication has been synthesized into what it seems its most minimalistic form: a colorful spectrum of the human temper. The way we communicate has been forever transformed and its message seems to be slowly being replace by thousands of smiley, grumpy and sleepy faces. And if –paraphrasing the famous linguist and philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein– "the limits of our language are the limits of our world", how have we been transformed by this new form of communication? what kind of world has it created? and who are we on it? 

Emoji-Me is a screen based project that renders a mirror-like image of the spectator that is composed of thousands of emojis: the emoji version of yourself.

More Emoji-Me portrait captures at @emoji___me .


Processing; installation; pixel manipulation; emojis; interactive mirror. 

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