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The Exquisite Corpse (2018)

Multiplayer VR experience
 with Itay Niv

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 12.23.52

Assets desing 

Game environment

Participants in the VR experience

ITP Winter Show, 2019 (NYC)

The Exquisite Corpse is two player VR experience where participants embody the creator's avatars (Sofía and Itay) and within a 3D sculpture studio they are able to use each others avatar's body parts as building blocks for the creation of a final sculptural piece. 

The project was conceived as an exploration of the possibilities of virtual space as a medium and body as a sort of ready-made. We hoped to create an experience that promotes a reflection on the process of digital abstraction and projection of space, and how the coming to existence and by consequence, the construction of identity, is dependant of our sense of placement and of the perspective that comes from that specific way of embodying the self.


3D; Virtual Reality; Interactive; Unity; Networked Game; Oculus; Avatar; 3D Scanning. 

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