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This is not a theremin (2019)

Interactive AR and ML installation

Collaboration with Guillermo Montecinos

With the use of AR and ML technologies, we created a digital representation of a theremin that participants can play, but can't actually see. The piece stands as a hinged instance that presents participants to the duality of the real and the unreal at the same time. The theremin, as a 3d virtual object, is at the same time present and absent, as it is “real” by generating sound, but also is “unreal” by being invisible. The dynamic is also reinforced by the installation setting. Even thought the main participant or player can't see the instrument, there will be a screen set near the installation where other participants will be able to see the theremin, and therefor, interact between each other.

Tags: augmented reality; machine learning; posenet; max/msp; unity; interactive installation; generative music. 



Installation settings


This is not a theremin in action

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